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Urban Biodiversity

Cities are important locations for local biodiversity, endangered species and can provide key stopover sites for migratory species. In order to better understand and preserve urban biodiversity, cities need a way to assess and track changes over time so that appropriate management decisions can be made to protect and enhance this resource.

The Framework

The Urban Biodiversity Inventory Framework (UBIF) provides biodiversity assessment through standardized methods for collecting and using urban biodiversity data. By adopting the UBIF standards, cities are able to track changes in biodiversity over time, develop urban biodiversity enhancement strategies and prioritize areas in need of restoration. Multiple methodologies have been developed, each with varying resource requirements, allowing cities to participate in a way that fits both their needs and available resources. 

What you can do with the UBIF online tool and associated methodology:

  • Record baseline biodiversity data in your city
  • Maintain consistency in data collection
  • Upload previously collected data
  • Collect and record species detections in the field
  • Create a record of plant and animal species in your city
  • Download summary tables of data

How you can use the data collected in the online tool:

  • Monitor changes over time in available habitat
  • Monitor changes over time in the presence or absence of representative flora and fauna 
  • Monitor changes over time in the relative abundance of representative flora and fauna
  • Generate an index value and/or grade to score how biodiversity is supported in your city
  • Generate a spatial display with species data
  • Prioritize where restoration or other action should be taken to enhance existing biodiversity or create new biodiversity supporting areas in the city 

For detailed information about the UBIF read the framework document.
For detailed information on using the online tool see the “How To: Document"

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